5 Reasons why The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a Feminist Tale



1. Sabrina's relentless defense to protect her classmate & friend, Susie, after she is attacked by the football-player bullies at school. 


2. Creation of the club WICCA, Women's Intersectional Creative Cultural Association by Sabrina and her friends - to help women in the school have a platform and to stand up against future bully attacks. 



2. “Why does he get to decide what I do with my body?” Sabrina says of the so-called “Dark Lord,” when she flees her baptism ceremony to the protests of her aunts, peers, and Satanic priests. Sabrina is a brave young girl who is unapologetically standing up against a giant evil force (ahem, the patriarchy) as symbolized by the Dark Lord. She's standing up for what she believes is right, instead of being pressured into doing what she's told.


3. Despite the fact that Sabrina and "the weird sisters" certainly have their differences, she approaches them to band together to teach the football players a lesson after their second assault on her friend Susie. Women who don't specifically see eye-to-eye getting together to battle a bigger issue, caused by men mistreating women-  if that isn't feminist, I don't know what is!


4. When Sabrina is told “You are giving up freedom in exchange for power, it’s an even exchange,” she protests that it isn’t; she wants both freedom and power, which has been unheard of for witches up until this point. 


5. "And this is no place for a man. And that very much includes you"  - a quote by Sabrina's aunt, Zelda. 


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