We love all who entered!

We recently held our first ever T-shirt Design Contest over here at Betty and Veronica! It was a really exciting contest to say the least. We received many great entries and we love how hard you worked on each and every one. We had a difficult time narrowing down our finalists but you know how that goes, there could only be one winner. Our grand prize winner wins an opportunity to have this very T-shirt reproduced and sold on our website, along with the cut of sales from 100 T-shirts that we will be manufacturing and sell on the website for Summer! Congratulations, Hannah Gumbo! Here's a bit about our grand prize winner. We hope you enjoy! Please scroll below to see our winner's submission along with our two other finalists.


xoxo BV



Hey, Y'all!

My name is Hannah Gumbo and you can find me creating fun & colorful things over in my studio in the Cajun prairies of Eunice, Louisiana. My approach to making most things is a full cup of coffee, window full of sunshine, variety of art supplies including acrylic paint & digital mediums in front of me, and of course, a pinch of glitter;) I find inspiration from traveling, exploring locally, thrifting my heart out, & just about anywhere there's a little sparkle. Drawing this challenge's tee design for Betty & Veronica was a blast and I'm thrilled to have my work featured in a line that is an every-growing kaleidoscope of awesomeness!

So, am I a Betty or a Ronnie? Hmmm, that's a tough one, but I would have to say Veronica takes the cake for the simple fact that I'll forever want to pull off those electric blue highlights & straight bangs!


To see more of my work check out my website: hannahgumbo.com or over on Instagram @notallthatglittersisgumbo


May all your Ice Cream Dreams come true, my friends!!

contest winner, Hannah Gumbo


Ice cream dream winning graphic







Congrats to @Sarahktattoo for winning our 2nd runner up spot!



Congrats to @littleroots_studio for winning our 3rd finalist spot!  

Girl gang finalist graphic