Meet designer Christian Francis Roth- if you are a 90's kid you probably already know him! Known for his wit and whimsy, CFR made waves in the early 90s with his creative garments, such as a suit with a fried-egg motif, and Crayola-inspired dresses.

Christian Francis Roth Crayon Dresses

Over the years, Roth has designed for Nordstrom's private label as well as Anne Klein. In 2009, he launched his contemporary collection Francis by Christian Francis Roth and created an entire line inspired by his home town, NYC.

Betty and Veronica have decided to team up with CFR to create some fun, quirky pieces that are worthy of a spot in Veronica's closet! Select pieces in our fall collection and our entire Spring collection, launching in 2018, is designed by Roth. Limited quantities available, so go get your CFR x BV pieces now!


CFR 90's runway

CFR 90'S COVERCFR 90's runway


Harper Moto Jacket

Harper Moto Jacket by Christian Francis Roth

Josie pussybow blouse

Pussybow Blouse by Christian Francis Roth