If you missed last week's season premiere of Riverdale, do not fret! We've got you covered!

Just read below to catch up on all the juicy details before Episode 2 tonight!

** Beware: Spoilers Ahead! **

It’s the first episode of the new season and there is DRAMA! 

It’s the last day of Archie’s trial for the first degree murder of some thug. Josie’s mom gives Archie a 50/50 chance of being
acquitted and in a very satisfying scene, Archie’s dad Fred punches Hiram Lodge right in the
face for framing Archie. The jury is sequestered for Labor Day weekend and the gang plan to
have some fun, but Jughead keeps getting distracted by a pair of geeks playing a board game.

Riverdale Recap 1

Cheryl arrives back from the summer motorbiking with Terri and she is in the mood for a little

Riverdale Recap 3

Betty’s mum now seems obsessed with Edgar, the guru from Polly’s farm. They
both are trying to get Betty to talk with him but she is refusing (and she’s taking Adderall).
Archie gets a sepent tattoo from FP Jones who also gives him advice for surviving the clink:
“Keep your wits about you Red”.

Josie tells Veronica that the jury are holed up at the ‘Five Seasons’ (very imaginative), so she goes off to do some jury tampering but is obviously caught.
Jughead, Betty, Cheryl and the Serpents rescue their mascot Hotdog from the Ghoulies and
reignite their turf war when Cheryl shoots an arrow into a Ghoulie arm. The gang go to a local
river (looks gross) to go swimming, have a campfire and some teenage sex.

Riverdale Recap 6

Favorite quote of the episode is from Archie to Veronica: “The thing that keeps me up most nights isn’t that I
might get shivved… it’s that I won’t be able to graduate with you guys”


Veronica tells him this isn’t stupid (really?). One of the geeky boys that Jughead keeps seeing around turns up to see
him on the morning of Archie’s verdict, and Jughead has him wait for him. The jury cannot
come to a decision about Archie’s guilt and instead of going to trial again, Archie dramatically
takes a plea deal to go to juvy for 2 years (though surely he’s too old to stay there the whole
time). He is dragged off in his sports jacket and bowtie with Veronica howling.

Riverdale Recap 8

Veronica tells Hiram that he no longer has a daughter; FP and the sheriff pledge to help Fred get Archie out of
prison… Then this is where things get weird. The geek is not at Jughead’s place when he goes
home but he finds a funny map and goes looking for him. As Archie is leaving Riverdale on the
prison bus, we see the “Welcome to Riverdale” sign has been defaced with weird symbols.

Riverdale Recap 9

Then Jughead is in the woods at night and finds the two geeks in front of a satanic altar both in
childs pose, seemingly unconscious or dead. They have symbols carved into their backs, one
wakes up and pukes up blue vomit. At Betty’s house, she wakes up to Polly’s twins crying. She
finds her mom and Polly outside with a group that we must assume are from the farm. They
hold the babies over a fire and let them drop, but they float.

Betty collapses and has a seizure and the episode ends. So, I guess it’s getting supernatural in Riverdale.

Riverdale Recap 10


Stay tuned tonight at 8PM Central to see what happens next!


Episode recap written by Louise O'Neill, makeup artist & Riverdale fan. @louisemakeup 

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