by Sara Lyons


What's better than a gossip session with your BFF? These super cute pins featuring your favorite gals, of course! With a delicate chain "phone cord" connecting them, Betty and Veronica look adorable chatting away pinned to either side of your collar in sophisticated gold and white!


Product specifications: 

The GIRL TALK GOLD collar pin set features classic linework by legendary Archie Comics illustrator Dan DeCarlo, lovingly re-designed just for you by Sara M. Lyons. Each GIRL TALK GOLD collar pin set includes one Betty and one Veronica pin, connected by a 4" gold chain. Each pin is approximately 1.25" high and made of super shiny, jewelry-quality white hard enamel with gorgeous, glossy gold plating. Each pin has a single black rubber clutch pin back. Also available in classic full color! 

SKU: S17-GTK-Gold